Photo courtesy of Matthew Meindl

Thank you to the 2017 Vision Center Video Volunteers!

We couldn’t have done it without you! The society gives you a standing ovation for your contribution to this year’s Vision Center Video, premiered at the 2017 SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards. View the list of all of the Volunteers and Crew from this year’s Video below:

The 2017 Vision Center Video has already helped the Vision Center procure a large donation! Read more about the Video in the upcoming Spring issue of Camera Operator Magazine.

Watch the 2017 Video Now!


Equipment & Services Donated by:
Imaginaut Entertainment
Evidence Cameras
Evidence Film Studios
Matthews Studio Equipment
G&L Entertainment Inc.

Cast & Crew
T.J. Miller, Narrator
Lisa Stacilauskas, Executive Producer
Clay Westervelt, Director/Writer
Amanda Thurman, Production Coordinator
Joel Duetsch, Director of Photography
Alicia Robbins, Gaffer
Louis Normandin, Gaffer
Keith Jefferies, Key Grip
Jae Shim, Lighting Technician
Joe Gunawan, 1st AC
Somlit Inthalangsy, 2nd AC
Brooke Damato, Editor
Joshua Corbaley, Assistant Editor
Gary Hebert, Graphic Designer/VFX
Lee Sanders, Composer
Adam Parrish King, Postproduction Audio Mixer
Kyle Hardy, Production Assistant
Allison Jensen, Production Assistant
Charles Smith II, Production Assistant
David Yee, Production Assistant
Mila Westervelt, Patient
AJ Miller
Maya Ramirez
Ella Bialik
Eloise Westervelt

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles:
Thomas C. Lee, MD
Director, The Vision Center Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
USC Roski Eye Institute

Jesse L. Berry, MD
Associate Director, Ocular Oncology
Associate Program Director
USC Roski Eye Institute
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Keck School Of Medicine, USC

Mark Borchert, MD
Director, Eye Birth Defects Institute and Eye Technology Institute
The Vision Center Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

David Cobrinik, MD, PhD*
Associate Professor of Research Ophthalmology and of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Keck School of Medicine, USC

Kathleen McGovern, MS
Supervisor, Clinical Trials
The Vision Center Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Narine Harutyunyan
Research Specialist V

Dominic Shayler
Graduate Research Assistant

Quy Huynh-Tran
Clinical Research Coordinator II

Sijia Wang
Graduate Research Assistant

Kevin Stachelek
Research Specialist III

Janet A. Dotson Director, Production & Video Content Development Marketing Communications Department

Alicia Maples Special Projects Assistant
Video Content Development, Creative Services
Marketing Communications Department

Matthew Meindl
Videographer/Editor, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles