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Congratulations to the Camera Operator of The Year – Film – Roberto De Angelis – Baby Driver and Camera Operator of The Year – Television Bob Gorelick, SOC – Stranger Things. It was a night to remember.  A thank you to all the Honorees, Nominees, Presenters and Sponsorship who make the event a celebration.


Celebrating the 10th year of University of California Santa Barbara Film Studies student organized CamCon weekend workshop and lecture series the SOC has been participating from the onset. Past SOC President Dave Frederick, SOC Charity Chair Alicia Robbins and new active member Brennan Maxwell presented to the students the goals and accomplishments of the SOC, career opportunities of Camera Operating, the on set practices, skills and techniques of camera operating and with the continued support of SOC partner Tiffen, two Steadicam rigs and one on one coaching by Dave and Brennan. Alicia presented a hand held workshop with scene breakdown, blocking and complete hand held coverage. The SOC looks forward to continuing the student outreach and encouragement to engage in the Camera Operating experience.

The Society of Camera Operators at Panasonic Hollywood - Podcast

Clint Milby of INDIEshooter moderated a panel of Society of Camera Operators members David Sammons, SOC and Pedro Guimaraes, SOC and Laurence Nunn, Panasonic at Panasonic Hollywood facility.  The session discussed their careers as operators in the entertainment industry and their choices, lessons and paths, which their careers today.  Hear the session.

Join SOC at Cinegear

The Society of Camera Operators will be hosting a booth and panel at Cine Gear Expo, June 1- 2 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. Pop by, grab a drink, and say hello to your fellow SOC members at the SOC booth #60.  Attend the SOC’s panel, Friday, June 1, 5:15pm in the Screening room #5.  Arrive early as the theater is normally standing room only.

On the set of LEGION
5:15 – 6:15pm, June 1
Join this interactive conversation with Director of Photography, Polly Morgan, BSC and Camera Operator, Mitch Dubin, SOC who will discuss the creative collaboration and synergy on the set of Legion.  Listen to the creative choices that are made daily that craft the unique look and character of the show. Moderated by, Michael Bravin, Director, Marketing, Canon Burbank

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