A Letter from President George Billinger

June 3rd, 2020

– A letter from your President

As all our hearts and thoughts are with the Floyd family, and the memory of George Floyd, I wonder if we can make sense of all of this.

We were shocked, wrecked and saddened to witness a senseless act of reprehensible violence. A man pleading for his life and murdered before our eyes.
The tragedy, pain and loss has defined and overwhelmed the entire nation this past week.

In our cities, communities, neighborhoods, and our daily lives. What has happened to the progress and protections against discrimination and racism in this country ?
Racism, be it ignored, unintentional or willful, is a threat to society. To our god given humanity and our dignity.
We need equality and justice for the Black Community.
Representation and implementation now.

I hope we at the SOC, and all of our membership can use the organization to express change and solidarity.To inspire hope, justice and love.
To make a commitment for doing the good work. To looking out for each other. Our neighbors, our coworkers, our friends.

The human need to come together during these unprecedented times will be a challenge for all of us. We welcome change.

Let’s use our immeasurable talents, diverse backgrounds and life’s experiences as storytellers for progress forward.

We recognize equality and protection of human rights. With dignity and respect for all minorities and people of color. You matter.
We stand by each other with pride and solidarity.

Let us remember this moment and remain vigilant and true.

It’s incumbent upon all of us who have the privilege and honor to carry the SOC letters after their name.

I’ll leave with you with with a quote from LBJ to Coretta Scott King the day after MLK’s tragic death.
I hope it provides solace, perspective and the reality we are one together.

“I wanted you to know tonight of the determination that binds us. We will overcome this calamity and continue the work of justice and love that is Martin Luther King’s legacy and trust to all of us”

With deepest regards,
George Billinger, III
President, Society of Camera Operators