SOC shines at Cine Gear 2016

The Society of Camera Operators participated in this year’s annual Cine Gear Expo, held June 3-4 at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California.

In addition to hosting a booth, which attracted much attention with the Panavision Panaflex, and distributing the Camera Operator magazine, the SOC presented an engaging panel discussion to a full theater entitled, “The Making of The Last Ship.”

The panel was made up of Steven Kane, Creator and Executive Producer, Eric Dane, Lead Actor, David Sammons, SOC, and Steve Pazanti, 1st AC, with moderator Vito Montone, PGA.

The mix of panelists created a fresh review of onset collaboration and the trust and partnership that is shared on The Last Ship set. This production presents unique challenges due to shooting on the sea in RIBS boats, not to mention the aggressive schedule and exposure to the harsh elements.

Steve Kane, Creator and Executive Producer, stressed the importance of onset problem solving and teamwork.  Eric Dane, Lead Actor, spoke about the dance between the actor and operator and the trust that is built.  Eric also spoke of the collaboration that is felt on set, explaining, “A great idea is a great idea, no matter where it comes from.”

The panel was a tribute to the creative collaboration and fun that The Last Ship production team shares.  The audience was privy to valuable information and humorous stories of how the panelists worked together to insure the best performance and show possible.

Chapman Leonard Product Showcase 2016

The Chapman Leonard family invited the Society of Camera Operators once again to participate in their Annual Chapman Product Showcase held on June 5, 2016.

The SOC hosted a booth with Camera Operator magazine being offered to attendees and many interested potential members stopped by the booth.

Dave Frederick, SOC produced and moderated the panel discussion about the camera operator and the dolly/crane grip. He spoke of this key relationship and the nuances and importance of trust and collaboration. The panel was well attended with audience engagement and ample questions at the conclusion.

Panelists included:
Michael Ferris, SOC, Chris Tufty SOC, Kris Kosskrove SOC, Harry Rez, Timothy Merrill, Adrian ACE Dominguez, John Murphy.