From Left to Right: Peter Rosenfeld, SOC, Bonnie Blake, SOC, Paul Babin, SOC (LAA recipient), Moderator Dave Frederick, SOC, Brad Rea, Dolly/Crane Grip (LAA recipient), John Mang, Dolly/Crane Grip, Gerrit Garretson, Dolly/Crane Grip

Held on Sunday May 8, 2017, the Chapman/Leonard Product Showcase was a grand success. Great turnout, cool weather and a late afternoon rainstorm proved to make the day more exciting. The SOC panel, moderated by Dave Frederick, SOC was an hour long, standing room only event with great audience feedback. The expert panel comprised of 2 SOC Lifetime Achievement Award recipients (Paul Babin and Brad Rea) and 4 other industry heavyweights (Bonnie Blake, SOC, Peter Rosenfeld, SOC, Gerrit Garretson and John Mang) shared clips and stories of how the Dolly Grip and Camera Operator work so closely together to creat classic and award winning cinematography.

Care was taken to explain professional protocols, time honored traditions and the need for caution and safety in the operation of the heavy professional equipment on set. Anecdotal histories were shared about famous directors and DPs in working out shots and relationships with the crews.

It was very successful and we all look forward to next year.

Dave Frederick, SOC