On September 18, 140 Camera Department members from the Association of Camera Operators, the Guild of British Camera Technicians and UK Film School students filled the Tricycle Cinema in London for a thoroughly insightful and entertaining glimpse into the careers of two leading SOC Camera Operators. The conversation was led by legendary UK Cinematographer Phil Méheux, BSC, GBCT.

The session and screening were focused on scenes from Academy Award winning films such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Birdman’. Chris and Mitch shared many candid personal accounts and anecdotes from their experiences with the likes of Spielberg and Iñárritu, and the creative challenges, diplomacy and collaborative skills that are required of ‘A’ Camera Operators. Their shared history and working relationship made for a lively, entertaining and discursive question and answer, which was followed by further lively conversation in the Black Lion pub across the street.  The event was filmed and will be up on the ACO and GBCT websites soon.

A Thank you to the sponsors that made this special event possible: ARRI Rental, 1 Film Unit, Cinelease, Talking Point, Riskbox Insurance, and the Tricycle Cinema.

A special thanks for Chris and Mitch and to the organizing team:

Peter Cavaciuti GBCT, Assoc BSC & ACO President; Emma Edwards GBCT (Stills); Deanne Edwards (GBCT organiser); Jason Ellis ACO (Lighting & ACO Organiser); Gwyn Evans (DCP, Editor & Colourist); Tim Hale (Projectionist for Tricycle); Ceri Hughes (Floor Manager); Gareth Hughes GBCT & ACO (ACO Organiser & Editorial); Melanie Jansen GBCT Camera Trainee (Camera Asst); Clive Jackson GBCT, Assoc BSC & ACO; Mitchell King (Security); Graham Martyr GBCT (Camera Supervisor); Richard Merrick IPS (Sound Supervisor); Chris Plevin GBCT & ACO (DCP & Title Card); Simon Poulter (Camera); Max Rijavec GBCT & ACO (Camera); Peter Robertson GBCT, Assoc BSC & ACO; Benjamin Treplin ACO (Posters); Kirstie Wilkinson (Camera) – With assistance from:Ray Andrew ACO; Jamie Harcourt GBCT, Assoc BSC & ACO; Tom Wilkinson GBCT & ACO. And to all of those unnamed people who enabled the rest of us to do our job – thank you!