And More to Go…

A huge thank you to one of our own Active members, Ian S. Takahashi, SOC, for taking the helm of the Societies’ Instagram account and hosting page “take overs” from members such as: Stephen Campanelli, SOC, Dave Thompson, SOC, Mitch Dubin, SOC, Steve Fracol, SOC, Michael Ferris, SOC, Dave Frederick, SOC, David Sammons, SOC, David Emmerichs, SOC, Mark August, SOC, and Peter Romano, ASC.  Ian’s expertise and ownership of the Instagram page has grown the Societies outreach and promotion of the camera operator. If you are interested in hosting an Instagram “take over,” let us know by emailing,



A bit about Ian and give him your Instagram shout out:

unknownIan S Takahashi, born and raised in the Napa Valley of California, where he worked under Dir Francis F Coppola, before moving to Los Angeles and interning under John Toll, ASC.

Ian concentrates on Underwater work, and benefited from a long mentor-relationship with Mike Thomas, and being introduced later to Pete Romano, ASC.

His Underwater credits include The Last Ship, True Detective, Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, Masters of Sex, Beyonce (Lemonade), Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton, Nike, Corona, (Features) ‘Swiss Army Man’, ‘Neon Demon’, ‘All I See is You’, and ‘The Layover’ and he just completed projects for Directors Marc Forster and Joe Wright.

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