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Saturday February 25, 2023, at the Loews Hollywood Hotel
Five hundred production professionals will gather to celebrate the best of the best operators in motion picture, television and the industry at large. The Society honors Lifetime Achievement Awards to Camera Operator, Camera Technician, Camera Operator, Live and Non-Scripted, Still Photographer, Mobile Camera Platform Operator, and Governors and President’s award. Purchase a seat or a table today!

Camera Operator of the Year

Nomination Now Open
This award is given to a Feature Film and/or Television full-time Camera Operator who has operated on a distinguished project of considerable quality during the previous year. Anyone in the film/TV community may nominate a Camera Operator for this award, including, but not limited to, SOC members, directors, producers, production crew members, studios, and production companies. Camera Operators may also nominate themselves.

Technical Achievement Awards

We invite you to submit eligible technologies for the Society of Camera Operators’ Technical Achievement Award from September 7, 2022, through November 30, 2022. Please keep in mind the Award is for technology that is used by the camera operator and camera crew during production. There will be a fee of $1150 USD per submission. You are welcome to submit more than one technology product per company.             

Award Criteria
To qualify for a Technical Achievement Award, the technical development and the company and/or individuals responsible for it must meet the following criteria for technical excellence.

The development must be at least one of the following:

  • A completely new, important, and lasting device or technique, or
  • An essential and lasting innovation that modifies existing equipment, product, or technique, or
  • A significant improvement on, or adjunct to, existing equipment/production equipment, or
  • Equipment that furthers the creativity and storytelling by the camera operator.

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Society of Camera Operators
Lifetime Achievement Awards Details

The Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards that will be held on February 25, 2023 in person at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood.

Awards Timeline

September 2022

November 2022

  • November 1: Camera Operator of the Year Film & Television submissions open
  • November 4: Lifetime Achievement Awards nominations open
  • November 30: Technical Achievement Awards submission close

December 2022

  • December 4: Demo Day (Technical Achievement Award)
  • December 14: Technical Achievement Award Recipient announced

January 2023

  • January 6: Camera Operator of the Year Film & Television submissions close
  • January 19: Camera Operator of the Year Film & Television nominations announced
  • January 23: Camera Operator of the Year Film & Television membership voting opens

February 2023

  • February 19: Camera Operator of the Year Film & Television membership voting closes
  • February 25: Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards (Camera Operator of the Year Film & Television announced live)

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