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SOC Stands with the Writers Guild of America

The Society of Camera Operators stands in solidarity with the membership of the Writers Guild of America. We support their fair and impartial pursuit of advancing improved working conditions and economic equality.

Their entirely unquestionable contributions deserve our respect and support.

We share this with all of our fellow collaborators, artists, and filmmakers for a positive and fair resolution.

George Billinger, SOC President &
The Society of Camera Operators, Board of Governors

Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards, Saturday February 25, 2023, on demand video and photo gallery.

Congratulations to all who were honored and nominated this year and thank you to all who attended the celebration. Enjoy the red carpet show, award show, and the photo gallery.

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Spring Camera Operator

Camera Operator spoke with Camera Operator of the Year nominees Paul Sanchez and Hilton Goring about their work on the series The Old Man, starring Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow—work that was often defined not so much by how the camera moved, but instead how it didn’t. In the conversation, we discuss the unique style of the series, shooting the car chase sequence from the season finale, and the dynamics of working as an operating team.



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