The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) advances the art, craft, and creative contributions of the camera operator.

The SOC is an internationally recognized professional honorary society. The core activities of the Society are the annual SOC Awards Show, publishing the Society’s magazine Camera Operator, and our charitable commitment to The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

We serve the SOC membership through our commitment to advancing the role of the camera operator by providing education, supporting the development of technology and production methods.

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Summer Camera Operator

Over nine years and four films, the scale and scope of the John Wick series has steadily increased, culminating in this year’s John Wick: Chapter 4, a globe-trotting epic that sees the former-former assassin trying one last time to walk away from this life for good. To learn more about what is involved in shooting the sort of spectacle seen in this film, Camera Operator had the chance to chat with Steadicam operator James Frater, SOC, about his work on John Wick: Chapter 4.