The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) advances the art, craft, and creative contributions of the camera operator.

The SOC is an internationally recognized professional honorary society. The core activities of the Society are the annual SOC Awards Show, publishing the Society’s magazine Camera Operator, and our charitable commitment to The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

We serve the SOC membership through our commitment to advancing the role of the camera operator by providing education, supporting the development of technology and production methods.

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Winter Camera Operator

The Fabelmans tells the story of Sammy Fabelman—the stand-in for a young Steven Spielberg—as he explores a passion for filmmaking while at the same time navigating the turbulent waters of his family. In a Camera Operator video interview, A camera operator Mitch Dubin, SOC; B camera/Steadicam operator Colin Anderson, SOC; and dolly grip John Mang talk about their roles on shooting this intimate and deeply personal new film from one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.