Active Membership

Thank you for your interest in membership with the Society of Camera Operators.


Thank you for your interest in Active membership with the Society of Camera Operators (SOC). Please read the requirements and benefits before applying.


  • Use of SOC initials after your name for camera operating screen credits only
  • Your name listed in the Membership Portal on the SOC website
  • Full voting privileges for Society’s elections and Awards
  • Ability to run for committees and board seats
  • A personalized membership certificate
  • Access to meetings, seminars, and Society functions
  • Subscription to the Society’s Camera Operator magazine
  • Membership eNewsletter
  • Access to our Membership Content portal


  • Ability to demonstrate significant accomplishment as a camera operator with noteworthy credits in your area of concentration and minimal credits in other crew positions.
  • Submit dated credits and projects demonstrating a minimum of five years of consecutive camera operating by providing your IMDB link. You may also include a resume´ to augment those credits listed on your IMBD page. The resume´s entries must include the title, dates, and crew position.
  • Recommendation letter from an Active Member in good standing, sponsoring your membership. If you do not have a sponsor, you must submit three letters of recommendation.
  • Submission of your letter of intent describing what you can contribute to and what you hope to gain from the SOC if you are accepted as an Active Member.
  • For union members, include your reclassification date to an operator in your letter of intent.
  • Being a Camera Operator must be a significant part of your primary professional effort.

Your Letter of intent and sponsor recommendation letter need to be submitted via email to

The SOC Membership committee meets monthly to review all applications, and after review, the Board of Governors votes on each applicant. Once you have completed your online application, you will be asked to include a credit card for your initiation fee of $280.00 USD, and you can choose to auto-pay annual dues after the first year of $205.00 USD.

If you are not approved for Active membership, and you have checked the box on the application that you will accept Associate membership, you will be refunded the difference. If you do not accept Associate membership, we will refund your application fee within 30 days of the application voting. You will be notified of the Board’s decision via email.

Please click below to complete the online application.

Members Outside of the United States:

There will be an additional shipping charge if you choose to receive the Active certificate.  The additional costs will be determined after your acceptance and the shipping location is determined.

Membership applications are reviewed monthly. You will be alerted of your membership status via email.