Corporate Member Resources

The Society of Camera Operators offers two types of Corporate Memberships; the Community level and the Patron level. The Community level is offered with basic membership benefits and the Patron level includes more in-depth engagement with the members, product reviews, and member product partnerships.
In September 2020, the SOC’s Corporate member committee presented a virtual gathering for Corporate members to introduce the newly offered benefits, changes within the organization, membership demographics, and to thank them for their ongoing support. 

SOC’s Corporate Member Meeting, September 10th, 2020

Hear From Our Members

“Our film community has responded so overwhelmingly to the work of the SOC during the COVID shutdown, and I, along with some other members of the SOC, was fortunate to get to speak with a few of those members, to hear the positive impact these virtual events have had on them and to share in their gratitude. This is just a small sample of those appreciations.” —Craig Bauer, Associate SOC Member

A Special Message from Dr. Lee, the Vision Center, Children’s Hospital LA

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Get More Information

For further information including advertising opportunities in Camera Operator, at the Lifetime Achievement Awards, and online, contact Jeff Victor,, 847-721-2730, or Kristin Petrovich,, 818-388-2306.