Mentorship Program

In the Spirit of an enduring commitment to strengthen our community and foster the growth of our membership, the SOC Mentorship Program is designed to cultivate term-limited, one-on-one professional relationships between our most battle-tested veteran members and those looking for guidance in elevating proficiency, transitioning to a new field, or otherwise navigating their burgeoning careers as camera operators. Once a mentee has been matched to his or her mentor, the program facilitates potential on-set shadowing (Post Covid of course), career advocacy, skills development, inspirational strategy and professional support for a period of time which is pre-determined at the outset of each mentoring cycle.

Mentoring is available in live, underwater, documentary, un-scripted as well as scripted narrative feature and television categories. Participating Mentors span multiple markets across the US, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Boston, among others. Applying Mentees must be current members of the SOC in good standing (Active or Associate) and will need to abide by the terms and guidelines of the program.

For more information on how to apply to participate as a MENTEE, please send an e-mail to the program director, Geoff Haley, at In the e-mail, please list your LOCATION, your CURRENT EXPERIENCE level, as well as the CATEGORY you are looking to be mentored in (i.e. narrative, unscripted, documentary etc.) Mentors and Mentees are paired on a first come first served basis.

Become a Mentor! Shape the future and share your valuable insights with someone who yearns for your generosity and unique expertise. Mentorship can be an intensely rewarding experience, as well as a fantastic way to give back to the community which has sustained us all. Please consider donating a bit of your time and talent to this worthwhile endeavor. For more information on how to get involved as a Mentor in this program, please e-mail the program director, Geoff Haley at