SOC Creative Spotlight – Saltburn


Join us for a virtual conversation with Ossie McLean ACO, SOC and Linus Sandgren, ASC, FSF Moderated by, David DautSunday, December 10, 11am PST Please join us for a live SOC Creative Spotlight, […]

“Operating Action” Workshop

CineMoves Movie Ranch 171 County Line Road, Fayetteville, GA, United States

This 2.5 day, 20-student workshop, hosted at the Cinemoves Movie Ranch in Atlanta, GA, will explore the challenges and techniques required to perform at elite levels of the adrenaline-packed, large-budget, and high-stakes world of “Action” Operating.


“Cranes and Gimbals”

Monster Remotes 1 Carol Street, Clifton, NJ, United States

Join the Society of Camera Operators for this two and a half days comprehensive workshop focusing on cranes and gimbals for Camera Operators.