Board of Governors and Committees


President −

George Billinger

First Vice President −

Mitch Dubin

Second Vice President −

Matthew Moriarty


Daniel Turrett

Treasurer – 

Bill McClelland

Sergeant-at-Arms –

Dan Gold


George Billinger

Mitch Dubin

David Emmerichs

Michael Frediani

Dan Gold

Geoff Haley

Nikk Hearn-Sutton

Bill McClelland

Matthew Moriarty

John “Buzz” Moyer

Sharra Romany

David Sammons

David Thompson

Daniel Turrett

Gretchen Warthen  


Awards −

Craig Bauer, George Billinger, Dan Gold, Geoff Haley, April Kelley, Bill McClelland, John “Buzz” Moyer, Dale Myrand, Jan Ruona, Benjamin Spek, Dave Thompson, Rob Vuona

Charities −

 Brian Taylor, Ryan Campbell

Corporate Member Committee –

Craig Bauer, George Billinger, Mitch Dubin, Dave Frederick, Simon Jayes, Sarah Levy, Bill McClelland, Jim McConkey, Matt Moriarty, Dale Myrand, Dan Turrett, David Sammons
Education Colin Anderson, Will Arnot, Craig Bauer, Bonnie Blake, Dave Chameides, Mitch Dubin, Dave Emmerichs, Mick Froelich, Craig Haagensen, Geoff Haley, Sarah Levy, Simon Jayes, Jim McConkey, Larry McConkey, Matt Moriarty, Jeff Muhlstock, John “Buzz” Moyer, Jamie Silverstein, Dave Thompson, Chris Wittenborn

Historical −

Mike Frediani
Inclusion – Sharra Romany (Co-chair), Nikk Hearn-Sutton (Co-chair), Olivia Abousaid, Shanele Alvarez, Alfeo Dixon, Pauline Edwards, Alexandra Menapace, Jeremiah Smith, Lisa Stacilauskas, Gretchen Warthen, Mande Whitaker
Membership – Dan Gold, Dan Turrett, Gretchen Warthen
Technical Standards & Technology −

Eric Fletcher (Chair), Andrew Ansnick, William Arnot, Luke Cormack, David Emmerichs, Steve Fracol, Dan Gold, Jamie Hitchcock, Simon Jayes, Doc Karmen, Mark LaBonge, Rocker Meadows, Matthew Moriarty, John Perry, Manolo Rojas, David Sammons, Lisa Stacilauskas, Gretchen Warthen

Social Media and Content Committee –

Ian S. Takahashi, SOC (Chair), Sharra Romany, SOC, Gergely Harsanyi, Ryan Lewis, Brandon Hickman, Emily Lien, Agnelia Scuilli, Gloria Bali, Julio Tardaguila


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Camera Operator Spring

CODA [Child of Deaf Adult(s)] is a coming-of-age story set in Gloucester, Massachusetts, that follows Ruby Rossi through her senior year in high school as she balances being the only hearing member of her family, working on her family’s fishing boat, and exploring her talents as a gifted singer, all while navigating the struggles of her first love. In this article, A camera and Steadicam operator Alec Jarnagin, SOC, talks about the making of CODA.