SOC’s Stabilized Camera Gimbal Workshops

With the proliferation of camera gimbals onto sets, for use as stabilized remote heads, specialized camera movement platforms, or something in between, the SOC invites you to explore this technology and how we can use it to advance the art of storytelling. Join the Society for a three-session workshop series focusing on the tech, the challenges, and the opportunities presented by professional camera gimbals. The series will be held virtually with multiple teaching locations and taught by SOC members.

  • Session #1 – The Basics 
  • Session #2 – Studio Mode 
  • Session #3 – Advanced Use Cases 
  • Session #4 – Wrap Up
Craig Bauer

Craig Bauer

Chris Wittenborn

Chris Wittenborn

Larry McConkey, SOC

Larry McConkey, SOC

Dave Anglin

Dave Anglin

Jim McConkey, SOC

Jim McConkey, SOC

The Secret Life of the Camera Head – Virtual Workshop
Parts 1 & 2

Join Geoff Haley, on location, and Mitch Dubin, via Zoom, for a virtual workshop discussing and demonstrate the functions, proper techniques, and practical applications of the Fluid Head, Gear Head, Lambda Head and Remote Head and the best applications for use. Mitch and Geoff will supplement theoretical discussions with visual demonstrations as well as tips and tricks for achieving the best results in the most challenging of operating circumstances.

Live sessions are open to the community and recorded for future use for the membership in the member portal. For membership information, categories and costs.

Topics will include:
  • Proper Setup and balancing
  • Knowing which tool is best per given situation
  • Valuable techniques and exercises to gain proficiency
  • Explanations of functionality and features
  • Using Physics to optimize performance
  • Tips to landing Whip Pans (every time)
  • Troubleshooting the most common issues
  • Avoiding typical operator traps.
  • and much more.

There will, of course, be time for Q&A and comprehensive discussion throughout. On behalf of the SOC education committee, join us for this informational, lively, and pet friendly virtual event.

Geoff Haley, SOC





Mitch Dubin, SOC

SOC & HydroFlex Underwater Camera Operating Workshop

The SOC and HydroFlex partner to bring our membership an intensive three-day workshop covering techniques and procedures for underwater Camera Operating.

Topics covered include:

  • Prepping the camera and housing
  • What equipment is necessary and/or good to have with you

  • Dive gear choices and situations

  • Setting up a shot

  • Communication with the surface

  • Body movement

  • Working with different sized housing

The Underwater Camera Operating Workshop is held every other year and will be next held in the Summer of 2021.