Society of Camera Operators Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement

The Inclusion Committee is dedicated to facilitating an inclusive and equitable atmosphere for all SOC members.

The newly formed Inclusion Committee at the SOC is answering the call of many members and the society at large to address inclusion and diversity within our corner of the industry. The Inclusion Committee will take an intersectional approach to address systemic biases and will further work to amplify the voices of those who have not previously been given a platform to do so.  The SOCIC hopes to accomplish this goal through education, events, partnerships, outreach, support, exposure, and creating best practices, amongst others.

The SOC Inclusion Committee welcomes the voices of the SOC membership and invites input and ideas.  As the SOC Inclusion Committee crescendos its nascent efforts into a progressive task-force in the coming months, members are welcome and encouraged to participate, to offer support, and to be part of the solution with us.

Please feel free to contact us at

Meet the Inclusion Committee

Co-Chairs of the Inclusion Committee

Sharra Romany, SOC

Sharra Romany, SOC is an award-winning commercial/branded DP and camera operator in unscripted television. She is co-founder of Los Angeles/Cairo based production company, Romany Films, and is currently the co-chair of the Inclusion Committee for the Society of Camera Operators (SOC) where she has been a member since 2018. 

She has traveled the world in search of monsters on SyFy Channel’s Destination Truth and helped create one of the most popular shows on teeny cooking, Tiny Kitchen. No adventure has been greater though, than homeschooling and traveling around the globe with her three children in search of mummies, pirates, and Disney Parks. 

Sharra’s mission is to use the entertainment platform to bring awareness of social and cultural issues and the human experience and looks forward to working with the amazing members of the SOC’s Inclusion Committee on advancing that agenda.

Photo by Ramy Romany

Nikk Hearn-Sutton, SOC

Nikk “2K” Hearn-Sutton is a camera/Steadicam operator for 22 years, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been an active member of the SOC since 2014, and the SOA (Steadicam Operators Association) since 1998. He was highlighted in the Summer 2018 edition of Camera Operator magazine in the Smooth Operator article. Nikk is a part of the Mentor/Mentee Program for the SOC, and is a Local 600 operator. He’s very proud of his accomplishments, being one of very few Black camera operators and Steadicam operators in Local 600, and one of the first Black operators in his home state and surrounding states in the Northern Central Region. Nikk gives back to his community through volunteering his time to teaching and showing those starting out what he has experienced from his humble beginnings to success in the field of his craft.  He is also a co-founder of the College Movie Festival in the Southwestern region of Ohio, a college film competition going on its 16th year for the schools with an e-media or film program. Some of Nikk’s notable credits include Anastasia: Once Upon a Time, 10 Minutes Gone, The Strangers: Prey at Night, and most recently The Big Ugly, and Say I Do on Netflix.

Photo courtesy of Nikk Hearn-Sutton

Additional Committee Members