Staff & Consultants

Staff and Consultants

Accounting Consultant – 

Angela Delgado,

Business Consultant –

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, Createasphere

Calligrapher –

Carrie Imai

Camera Operator Magazine Designer –

Stephanie Cameron

Camera Operator Magazine Editor –

Kate McCallum

Sales – 

Jeff Victor

Member Services/Operations Coordinator –

John Bosson




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Camera Operator Spring

CODA [Child of Deaf Adult(s)] is a coming-of-age story set in Gloucester, Massachusetts, that follows Ruby Rossi through her senior year in high school as she balances being the only hearing member of her family, working on her family’s fishing boat, and exploring her talents as a gifted singer, all while navigating the struggles of her first love. In this article, A camera and Steadicam operator Alec Jarnagin, SOC, talks about the making of CODA.