Staff & Consultants

Staff and Consultants

Accounting Consultant – 

Angela Delgado,

Business Consultant –

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, Createasphere

Calligrapher –

Carrie Imai

Camera Operator Magazine Designer –

Stephanie Cameron

Camera Operator Magazine Editor –

Kate McCallum

Sales – 

Jeff Victor

Member Services/Operations Coordinator –

John Bosson




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Camera Operator Summer

Snowfall, FX’s crime saga set in Los Angeles against the backdrop of the crack epidemic, weaves together a tapestry of stories from characters whose lives are affected by the drug.

In this SOC Creative Spotlight conversation, Manolo Rojas, SOC, and Pauline Edwards, SOC—the camera operating team for Snowfall's fourth season—talk about their histories in the film business, what led them to their work on Snowfall, and how the diverse crew for this series became its own sort of family that stood out from many of the sets they’ve worked on in the past.

Also highlighted in this conversation is the chemistry and trust that’s required between operator and DP, how distancing protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic ironically brought them closer as an operating team, and what it meant for them to be recognized as the 2022 Camera Operators of the Year in Television.