Student Membership

Thank you for your interest in membership with the Society of Camera Operators.


Thank you for your interest in Student Membership with the Society of Camera Operators (SOC). Student Membership enables full-time students to become familiar with the art and craft of the Camera Operator and benefit from personally getting to know some of the finest and most respected Camera Operators in the industry.


  • Your name listed in the Membership Portal on the SOC website
  • Access to meetings, seminars, and Society functions
  • Subscription to the Society’s Camera Operator magazine
  • Membership eNewsletter
  • Access to our Membership Content portal



  • A letter from a faculty member/school administrator stating you are a full-time student OR a copy of your student ID and evidence of a full-time academic schedule
  • A letter from you stating your reasons for applying to the SOC for Student Associate membership

Submit via email to  


The SOC Membership committee meets monthly to review all applications, and after review, the Board of Governors votes on each applicant. Once you have completed your online application, you will be asked to include a credit card for your initiation fee of $80.00 USD and you can choose to auto-pay annual dues of $80.00 USD after the first year.

You will be notified of your acceptance or decline via email.

Please click below to complete the online application. 

Membership applications are reviewed monthly. You will be alerted of your membership status via email.