SOC Creative Spotlight
All Quiet on the Western Front:
Going to War

A Conversation with Daniel Bishop, SOC & Edward Berger

Hosted by David Daut

A seminal work in both literature and cinema, All Quiet on the Western Front remains a sobering portrait of both the senseless terror and the tragic waste of war. Now, nearly a century later, Edward Berger’s new telling of this story aims to remind us of these truths as the world once again finds itself on a precipice.

We had the opportunity to talk with A camera operator Daniel Bishop, SOC, along with co-writer and director Edward Berger about their work on this new version of All Quiet on the Western Front, from the grueling challenges of recreating and shooting in conditions that mirrored World War I to using modern technology to tell this story in a way that wouldn’t have been possible 90 years prior.

All Quiet on the Western Front shows the horrors of the First World War through the eyes of Paul Bäumer, a young German soldier who enlists out of exuberant patriotic pride only to find the realities of war are far from what he imagined. Directed by Edward Berger from a screenplay by Berger, Lesley Paterson, and Ian Stokell, the film stars Felix Krammerer, Albrecht Schuch, Aaron Hilmer, Moritz Klaus, and Daniel Brühl.


SOC Creative Spotlight
All Quiet on the Western Front: Going to War

A Conversation with Daniel Bishop, SOC & Edward Berger

Hosted by David Daut


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Camera Operator Fall 2022

Above Photo: Daniel Bishop, SOC, on location for All Quiet on the Western Front.

Photos by Reiner Bajo


ALEXA 65mm


Sony Venice

DNA Lenses

TRIBE7 Lenses

TechnoCrane from ARRI on a Hexatron All-Terrain Motorized Base


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Daniel Bishop, SOC

Daniel Bishop, SOC, studied film and television in Swansea and, after graduating in 1999, cut his teeth as a camera operator on extreme documentaries in harsh locations all over the world. After doing his Steadicam course with Garret Brown and Larry McConkey in 2004, he discovered his love for storytelling and camera movement. Since then Daniel has worked as A camera operator/Steadicam on TV shows such as Rillington Place, Sherlock, and Your Honor. Last year he operated on Todd Field’s highly anticipated new movie TÁR with Cate Blanchett.

Edward Berger

Born 1970 in Germany, Edward Berger graduated in directing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1994. After gaining experience working for the US independent production company Good Machine, including films by directors Ang Lee and Todd Haynes, he wrote and directed his first feature, Gomez, in 1997. In 2012 he won the prestigious German Grimme Award for his film A Good Summer. In the years since, Edward has worked on award-winning projects such as Jack, Deutschland 83, and Patrick Melrose. Most recently he co-wrote and directed a modern adaption of the German classic war novel All Quiet on the Western Front.

David Daut

A writer and critic for more than a decade, David Daut specializes in analysis of genre cinema and immersive media. In addition to his work for Camera Operator and other publications, David is also the co-creator of Hollow Medium, a “recovered audio” ghost story podcast. David studied at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and works as a freelance writer based out of Orange County, California.


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