SOC Membership Resources and Portal Launched

The Educational Committee has been busy over the last few months providing online sessions over sixty hours currently. We saw the need to set up a membership portal for current members of all categories to access this material. We are proud to announce that the membership portal is launched.

Each member is responsible to set up their own username and password If you are a current member, you received an email with the account set up information. For further assistance, please email

Back to Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sunday, August 9th 11am PT on ZOOM
As the Industry starts back to work and with so many unanswered questions, the SOC presents a two hour Zoom session addressing the experiences of operators and crew working during this new era.
The session will be available to all SOC members and the industry community. The recording of this event will be available on the SOC membership portal.  The discussion will focus on realities of being back to work, how are sets running, what protocols are in place and what is recommended to be sure that you protect yourself while delivering your best work.
Discussion topics:
  • How best to prepare
  • Best practices
  • Unexpected challenges
  • Gear, masks, gloves etc – what is needed
  • How is production providing or not providing leadership to ensure safety


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Health & Wellness Workshop

Thursday August 13th and Thursday August 20th

Liz Cash

Mitra Manesh

In these challenging times, the SOC seeks to present tools, techniques to many of the challenges we face physically and mentally on the job and during the “in-between” time.



We are proud to present two experts focused upon training, healing, mindfulness and well-being. This is a unique opportunity to improve your well-being while learning about different approaches and methods and potentially gaining insights into a more fulfilling career and life.



These interactive Zoom sessions will be hosted on Thursday August 13th and Thursday August 20th at 11am PT. The live sessions are open to all SOC members in all categories and to the community at large.

Registration and details coming soon.

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