SOC Membership Resources and Portal Launched

The Educational Committee has been busy over the last few months providing online sessions over sixty hours currently. We saw the need to set up a membership portal for current members of all categories to access this material. We are proud to announce that the membership portal is launched.

Each member is responsible to set up their own username and password If you are a current member, you received an email with the account set up information. For further assistance, please email

Let’s Hear From Our Membership

“Our film community has responded so overwhelmingly to the work of the SOC during the COVID shutdown, and I, along with some other members of the SOC, was fortunate to get to speak with a few of those members, to hear the positive impact these virtual events have had on them and to share in their gratitude. This is just a small sample of those appreciations.” —Craig Bauer, Associate SOC Member

Back to Work During the COVID 19 Pandemic

The Society of Camera Operators Educational Committee is offering this important Zoom session open to the community for a limited time. Members can also access on the Membership Portal with the supporting documents.

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