The Submission process is open until October 15, 2016.  Currently the following companies and technologies have submitted:
  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Clairmont Camera
  • The “Original” Slider

Please help the SOC spread the word and invite your recommendation for the Technical Achievement Award by passing along this link that outlines the submission and guidelines:

Mark Your Calendars: Saturday November 12th & Sunday November 13th – Demo Days

Last year was the first year that the Technical committee added the demo days to the guidelines for the Technical Achievement Award.  Each technology is presented by the manufactures to the blue ribbon panel of judges, followed by a Q&A period and hands-on for the committee.  This was found to be a valuable in addition to the Award and will continue this year with an added bonus. After the presentation to the judges, the companies have been invited to demonstrate their gear to the SOC members.  A detailed invitation will be sent to the membership including the schedule of presentations.

Thank you in advance for our blue ribbon panel of Technical Achievement Award judges:

Nick Davidoff, SOC
David Emmerichs, SOC
Eric Fletcher, SOC
Steve Fracol, SOC
Mike Heathcote, SOC
Alec Jarnagin, SOC
Eric Roizman, SOC
David Sammons, SOC
Lisa Stacilauskas, SOC
Chris Taylor, SOC
Daniel Turrett, SOC