The SOC now has a Hacked new office courtesy of Tiffen.  We have more room then ever with three spacious work cheap nba jerseys areas; a private conference room, a soon to be lounge area, and an office reception area. Not to mention our own entrance and exterior signage.  Thank you to Steve Tiffen and the Tiffen team for your generous contribution.  The offices are located 2815 Winona Ave. Burbank, CA 91504.

The Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards received substantial press, during merk and after the ceremony.  Many of you experienced first hand, the active and exciting red carpet at the Awards and then you had Annual the chance to read the many of the articles that followed.  Please find an abbreviated rundown of press here:

We are also pleased to announced that Studios Systems, a Mumbai India based publication, will be running a fully story and images of the cheap jerseys Awards.

The SOC is seeking volunteers to assist with digitizing Camera Operator magazine so that the Society to has Letter all past magazines properly achieved and available to the cheap nfl jerseys members.  Please contact Heather Ritcheson at the SOC offices for further details or by phone (818) 563-9110

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