Lance Fisher soc, Doug Knapp soc and student member Michael Garcia

Lance Fisher soc, Doug Knapp soc and student member Michael Garcia

SOC Strengthens International Presence At Corto Creativo Film Festival
By Douglas Knapp, soc

Representing SOC at the Festival y Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Corto Creativo UDCI, several SOC members contributed to the Festival with videos, magazines, SOC student applications, and information regarding Camera Operating. The Festival was held at the luxurious Cinepolis VIP Theater in Tijuana, Mexico.

The project was supervised by Lance Fisher, soc, who was asked by the Film Festival coordinators to provide a presentation for attendees. Lance arranged for the loan and transport of a Panaflex Camera, while Heather Ritcheson and Kristen Petrovich Kennedy obtained the necessary insurance. The Panaflex was the hit of Photo Ops for the entire audience, plus Lance was able to show the camera running film and demonstrate some of the operating skills required with a Panahead.

Doug and Lance both extolled the virtues of having a Camera Operator as a key part of the Camera Crew, how it saves time and money to have an Operator, as well as why the shots look better and happen faster.

Reynaldo Aquino loading the Panaflex Film Camera

Reynaldo Aquino loading the Panaflex Film Camera

Our SOC Student Associate Members, Michael Garcia and Reynaldo Aquino, most capably handled the Assistant Cameraman duties of setting up the camera. Lance was always there, guiding them through the unfamiliar areas of dealing with a FILM camera. We are there for our students. Also, special thanks to Edgar Santamaria for helping to prep the camera gear.

SOC made the Panaflex available to Dean Cundey, asc, during his address. He referred to it several times, and compared it to the new digital cameras being used for production today.

Lance and Doug had a 75-minute presentation highlighting the art and craft of the Camera Operator. Several clips were shown, including the 2015 Children’s Hospital and the 2014 Awards Show highlights. Also discussed were projects that Doug & Lance worked on together that further explained the different roles of Director of Photography and Camera Operator.

Doug Knapp soc, Carlos Carillo of UDCI CINEMA DEPT, Lance Fisher soc

Doug Knapp soc, Carlos Carillo of UDCI CINEMA DEPT, Lance Fisher soc

This Festival honors an international array of filmmakers, and features student films from UDCI – Universidad de las Californias Internacional. Carlos Carrillo is Development Manager of Cinema for the University’s seven year old Cinema Program.

As a special recognition to the Film School, SOC awarded memberships for 4 Students and 4 Educators, to be assigned by Carlos Carrillo to deserving individuals.

Our hosts for the festival, from the University to Cinepolis, including representatives from Hollywood Rental Company, the ASC, Vitec Videocom and Red Digital Cinema were amazing. We all became very good friends.

Atlanta Mixer

The SOC produced a second mixer in Atlanta in 2015.  It was hosted at Cineverse’s facility with operator Bill McClelland representing the SOC.  Over forty attendees were present and proved to be a great community builder for the Society.  More mixer and events will be held outside of Los Angeles in the future.


The Underwater Camera Workshop

The SOC’s Underwater Camera Workshop will be held September 25th, 26th and 27th at Hydroflex and Tank One Studios.  We currently have only six more seats available and anticipate a sell out.  Participants are attending from England, Sweden and many from outside of California.

A special thanks to Hydroflex for co-producing the workshop, and also to Nauticam for sponsoring the lunches.  Their generous support allows the SOC to provide this level of education.

We are seeking ten volunteers to assist with all aspects of producing this workshop.  If you are interested and available for all three days, please call or email Mark August, SOC at (323) 770-3541 or

If you know of any rental houses that would like to participate by either sponsoring or providing gear, please email

For full details about the Workshop, fees, and curriculum.

General Membership Meeting October 25th

The General Membership Meeting will take place on October 25th and is open to all current members of the SOC.  Chapman Leonard will be hosting and sponsoring the event.  Doors open at 9:30am for registration and a full breakfast.  Chapman Leonard will then give a presentation, followed by the Board of Governors presenting the 2015 review and 2016 focus and goals.  Mark your calendar and plan to attend.  More details will be posted on the website events page.


The SOC is traveling to NYC to participate in NAB’s CCW expo on November 12th 3:30 – 4:30pm at the Javitz Center in New York City.  The SOC will be presenting the panel:  HOW’D YOU GET THAT SHOT @?! with members participating as panelists.  Also, on the evening of November 12th the SOC will be hosting an industry mixer and panel Q&A.  Location and time to be determined.  Please spread the word and register for free to attend CCW and the SOC’s panel.


2016 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Mark you calendar for Sunday February 7, 2016!  The SOC will host the Lifetime Achievement Awards at Paramount Studios.  The awards committee will be opening up the nominations in the next few weeks.  The nominations submission and voting process will be conducted all online in a secure and digital environment. There are also plans in the works to host a special Pre Awards Cocktail Reception, Saturday November 6th for the nominees, their family members, Active member and awards sponsors.  Details to come.

Ticket sales will open in early October.  Watch your inbox for the announcement and please support the SOC and The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by sharing an invitation with your associates.

All updates will be made to the Awards site.
If you know of an organization or you are one, that would like to step forward and sponsor the Awards, please send an email or call Matt Price, Director of Sales for the SOC at (310) 428-8071 or


Cast Your Vote

Be sure to cast your vote.  We have an abundance of members running for the Board of Governors and it is key to have your voice heard.  You should have received your ballots by mail. Please be sure to mail these back to the SOC so that they are received by September 14th.  Again, ballots must be received at the SOC PO BOX no later than September 14th or they will not be accepted.


We Need Your Help

The SOC will be moving out of the storage unit.  There is now enough space in the Burbank offices, which Tiffen has so generously given us, that we are able to consolidate and we need your assistance please.

The SOC will be moving out on September 29th in order to terminate the contract by the end of September.  We’re seeking four volunteers to assist with moving boxes from the storage unit to the Burbank offices.  Ideally, two of the volunteers will have large vehicles we will be able to use for transporting the items we’re moving. The SOC will provide lunch and will have plenty of coffee on hand.  If you are able to support this effort, please call Heather Ritcheson at (818) 563-9110 or email


The Summer edition of Camera Operator magazine featured an in-depth article about Camera Operator Rick Davidson’s experiences on the television series, Under the Dome.   Here is an excerpt from the “Under the Dome and On the Set with Rick Davidson:”

Under the Dome is a CBS science-fiction drama television series that tells the story of what happens when the residents of the small town of Chester’s Mill discover that a giant, transparent dome suddenly covers their town and makes any contact with the outside world impossible. The townspeople who are trapped under the dome have no mobile, radio or Internet access and their resources are limited. The series follows the story of survival while struggling to live together with the challenges of staying alive. The dome proves indestructible and even when the government steps in with military aid they cannot break it down.  All the while, the people inside work to discover what the dome is, and who and why it was put there.
To read the entire article